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New York Taxi License 3D is here! If you loved the 2D version then you really are in for a treat, with all new levels, graphics and game play. Earning your license, really never has been so fun. Can you complete all 18 levels, on icy roads, stopping at red lights, taking tourists around the sites. Even driving backward on an obstacle filled road? Bringing in cab permit in Ny isn't a simple job with it enjoying in the levels of the sport and you are going to certainly agree. The 3 images of the automobile driving sport makes the action addicting and satisfying. Nyc cab permit driving sport. If you adored the 2 version of the driving game then you definitely are really in for a treat, featuring graphics, new levels and gameplay. Making your licence, actually never was so interesting. Is it possible to finish all 18 degrees, on frozen streets, stopping at red lights, getting tourists around the websites. Route filled? Well go and establish show and and it off the permit you earn by the end of the sport, which features your FOG image. Play driving games