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The research workers space craft arrived on another world, there are several creatures that are dangerous here. The existence of the research worker has been endangering. In order to flee from earth, space ship must be repaired by the investigator, Construct the components preventing the creature strikes by capturing the bejesus out of these to your pistols. Be it a wilderness that is dirty like the world and further at home, maybe like Mars or some thing more unique, it might not be nasty to understand what occurs in areas other World, than our own small blue pebble. What, you have never heard about Yepi? It really is their Yepi daughters as well as an excellent location, Yepi world, lush, green, relaxing, house of the Yepi, till kidnap and bad alien intruders appear to plunder. As you are doing you understand. Even though ideally with significantly less searching. One bad Yepi on his yepi mission to avoid his world that is yepi and save his Yepi woman in — yes, you guessed it — Getaway from BeGamer from Yepi Planet, an unique point and click experience.Follow on in the picture to get issues happen, like Yepi locating his mission to save her from the horrible, furry aliens who abduct her or his ideal friend. As the Monkey or the Alien Go Joyful show game play is quite similar to such Pencilkids menu. You should just locate the perfect mix of activities to get Yepi to another and on upon the picture. This can be over a bit crude comedy that might happen to be right at home in Expert Ventura 2, and a quick and nice small time waster, full of loads of style, far-out figures and histories. Therefore just take some time to research worlds that are strange and appreciate the joy of yepi games.